Jeffrey James Tunstall

jeffrey tunstall

June 7, 1955 ~ September 6, 2021

Born in: Long Island, NY
Resided in: Asheville, NC

Jeffrey James Tunstall, 66 of Asheville, NC died on Monday September 6, 2021 at his residence.
Jeffrey was born in Long Island, NY on June 7, 1955 to the late Harry Tunstall and Emily Conroy Tunstall. He worked as an Assistant Facilitator at Meritor Automotive.
He is survived by his loving wife, Francine Tunstall and his daughter, Ta’Mara Falls. He is survived by his two granddaughters, Raven Williams and Kumara Flanagain. He is also survived by his siblings Michael Tunstall, Mary Ann Tunstall and Christopher Tunstall.
He adored his granddaughters. They were his life.
Groce Funeral Home on Tunnel Road is assisting the family.

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  1. Jeff, we will love and miss you forever. You will always be apart of us and in our hearts. You were a good soul and an amazing man. We will always cherish our times with you.
    Love you forever,

  2. Ta`Mara
    I will love and miss you forever. I will always cherish our times together. You were a gentle soul with a kind, compassionate heart.
    Love you

  3. Pop,
    I always loved to come see you and help with the garden and the koi. Your tomatoes are always the best right off the vine. I remembering going and picking out the koi fish. I always associate koi with you! I remember when you took me to go fly that Cessna and it’s one of the best memories I have. I loved going to the Fun Depot with you and doing the laser tag. I’m sure I wrecked your wallet but we always walked out with a ton of prizes. We also did go-karts a few times and had a blast. I remember when we went fishing when I was really little. Remember that time when we couldn’t figure out what “loquacious” meant on my homework? Times before everyone had internet on their phones.

    I wish I could’ve seen you again. Time and distance always makes things rough. Despite that, you’ve been and always will be in my thoughts. The world will be lonely without you in it.

    Love always,

  4. papa,
    I miss and love you so much. you were truly one of the most amazing men to have ever step foot in my life. you were such a beautiful soul and worked so hard. thank you for the constant support with every little thing i did. i will never forget when you helped me build my bottle rocket ship, or all of our fun depot trips, and when we went white water rafting. i will cherish all of our adventures forever and ever. i love you so much papa and you will always be in my thoughts<3

  5. Will miss that smile and you playing your guitar 🎸a great friend gone but never forgotten rest in peace love Sharon

  6. papa,
    i love and miss you so much papa. you were truly one of the most amazing men to step foot in my life. you had such a beautiful soul and a kind heart. thank you for always supporting me with everything i do. i will never forget all of our adventures together like when you helped me make my bottle rocket ship for school, or when we went white water rafting. you were such a kid at heart and i admired that so much about you. i love you so much and you will always be in my thoughts. i will always play for you<3

    love you forever,

  7. I struggle to find the words to express how deeply sorry we are to have lost this man from our lives. Every time we have met him, he has been kind, intelligent and a joy to be around. The world was a better place for him being in it and he will be sadly missed. ~ Marti & Leroy

  8. It was a joy to work with Jeff and I can only imagine what a great husband, father and grandfather he has been. Thoughts and prayers for all of you

  9. I truly enjoyed working with Jeff, I know he will be greatly missed by all. He had a great sense of humor and a voice that you knew was him when you heard it. That man loved life, loved his family, loved going on adventures, and always had a great story about something he had done in the past or was planning to do soon. Whether it was about scuba diving, flying gliders, one of his amazing vacations, or even just driving big rigs in California and living on the west coast. He was a great person who I am glad I was able to know in life.

    I still chuckle thinking back about his “first” scuba experience in a pool. He and his friend as boys had decided to make a scuba helmet out of a bucket. They cut a hold in the bottom and glued in some plastic so they could see out of it. For air, Jeff said they used a bicycle pump running down the the top of the bucket. Jeff said they went down to the public pool to try it out and he said it worked surprisingly well minus a few leaks until his friend was distracted by some of the girls and the pool and forgot to keep pumping air. I remember tearing up while laughing in the office listening to him tell stories like this.

    I’ll be sure to raise a few pints Bud.

    Your Bud,

  10. Good evening brother. For one time in my life I am struggling to find the words. I going to miss you and the many hours of stories and adventures we told each other over the years. We shared so many interest it was like we was one in the same. You have been a wonderful friend to me, I know you have been to others. Your personality would never allow you to be any different. Thank you for being such a kind sole and friend to me. I have been blessed to know you. I am praying for Frankie and the rest of your family, love you brother God speed.

  11. To my Older Brother Jeff…
    (From Michael)

    It’s been hard to find the words to even write this, I never thought of losing a brother but I did and now your gone, and what’s extremely sad for me is that we lost contact of each other over the years. I know we all follow our on path threw life but I miss your voice and seeing you! I always remember the early years we spent together as siblings 🤣 growing up in Georgia and then California we did so many things together, I could write a book on our adventures. I looked up to you being that you were the oldest of all of us, you were my protector since I was younger than you. Believe it or not I learned by trial and error by watching you and all you taught me. Please know that I Miss you & Love you and part of me will always be missing because of the loss of you. I’ll never forget you and will think of you every day. God Bless you “Jeff” I’m quite sure your in God’s hands!

    Love You…
    your Brother Michael

  12. Frankie this is shocking news to me . You and Jeff were so kind to me in my time of need . I am so grateful for knowing both of you . May God help you through this time of need! Love Jarel

  13. Frankie, this is shocking news to me. You and Jeff were so very kind to me during my time of need. My God help you through this difficult time.


  14. Jeff, our dear friend, you are so greatly missed. As long as we have known you, you’ve always been a man of great principle and stood up firmly for what you believed in. Everything about you was “big”. You loved big, had a huge heart, took the grandest vacations, fixed the best meals with more food than anyone could eat, enjoyed a good laugh, dazzled us with a new recipe or a made up on, and loved Frankie with all your heart and soul. We are truly honored that you called us friends.
    Frankie, we know Jeff will always be by your side. You could always see his devotion and love for you in his eyes. Somethings never change. We are here for you, whatever you may need.
    To the rest of the extended family we send our condolences for your loss.

  15. Jeff….my dear sweet gentle brother…my heart is broken and everyday I am still in shock. The last I spoke with you, you were so excited about retirement and spending the rest of your life with Frankie and traveling. You had your hardy laugh that always brighten my day! I will miss our
    talks and your smile!!
    Growing up with you was always exciting because you were an adventurous risk taking guy. From hang gliding and landing in a cess pool to riding dirt bikes at night without getting caught.
    Jeff you always spoke the truth and never intentionally hurt anyone. Your integrity was top notch and you also were forgiving….you are the highest and the best!!
    I will always cherish our lives together and I know I will see you again my dear brother. Love always Mary ann

  16. To my oldest brother, friend and mentor, COVID-19 took your life on Labor Day 2021. You chose not to get vaccinated, now we mourn your passing.

    Jeff, you were a brother who lived life fully and who was preparing to retire in Jan. 2022. Your family and friends are in shock over your preventable death on Labor Day 2021. We had so much to look forward to in the years ahead. I remember us talking in June 2021 and I said, “I’m going to live to be 105…” you replied “I will live to be 120…” The grief runs deep my big brother. Why wouldn’t you get vaccinated? Nothing can bring you back, but I have solace in knowing that you are now with God, Mom, Dad and other family and friends in Heaven throughout eternity. As I told you, and my friends, many times, you were a man with a heart of gold. Now, you are an angel with golden wings. I miss you. I send my love to you. And, I’m grateful to have been blessed having you in my life.
    My sincere condolences to Frankie.
    A falconry phrase seems fitting for you as you soar the Heavens “Whistle Down The Wind” dear brother. My life will never be the same until God calls me home.

  17. Jeffrey I am blessed to have known you. Your warm heart and gentle soul will always be remembered. I will never forget the tears that you shed on my wedding day. Now…I shed tears for you because you are one of the good guys that has passed. I love you Jeffrey Tunstall, you will be missed.
    Love Samantha

  18. It is difficult to imagine work without you Jeff. You literally may have saved me from bears – yes they were at work. He looked up from where he was taking a break outside and a momma and two cubs had made their way into the fencing and were just a few feet from him. He immediately secured the building. As a lead he gave us the opportunity to DO our job and allowed us to become our best selves. His love for his wife and family was part of his everyday life. He will be sorely missed. Thank you for everything and showing us a higher road,

  19. oh frankie…..i know what a great great loss this is for you… heart goes out to you….i am praying for you, all gods love, paula finley

  20. Frankie, I am so sorry to hear about Jeffrey.
    I will always remember my visit and him taking me to the Biltmore Estate. What a great man

    My deepest condolences
    Little Pat

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