Golf with Hugh

  1. Hugh was a good friend and colleague. I remember sitting with him at my first WWC faculty retreat in August 1998.
    He had a great wit and curiosity about him. Hugh was intrigued that I worked with athletes and teams in sport psychology.

    Once he learned that I played golf, Hugh took it upon himself to show me around WNC and hit as many golf courses as we could.
    (This was before Christine and I had kids — when I actually had time to play golf!)
    It was a great way to get acquainted with the area, but more important, with Hugh himself. Among his many interests, he enjoyed golf, baseball, and Warren Wilson.
    He was a lot of fun to be around at lunches in Gladfelter, at WWC athletic events, and in the classroom.

    I’ve missed Hugh since he retired and am saddened he has died.