1. We hurt with you all and we love you very much. Bo truly was a special man. One you never forget. There are no better neighbors. If you need us, give us a call….ok? GOD bless you all….

  2. I had the good fortune to have worked with Ed since 1990 when he was still working in the field & office with Hutchison & Biggs. When Ed started his own surveying business I immediately began utilizing his services on every project I could. Over the years Ed became a good friend and was one of the nicest & ethical men I have ever known. My heart broke when I was informed of his passing. This ole world has lost one of its best. My heart truly goes out to his family for their loss. I can say that the local leaders and rank & file members of the local construction industry who dealt and knew Ed were shocked and saddened by loss. Ed was well respected across the board and was always there to help if he could, with a smile. I don’t believe I ever Ed in a bad mood and I continue have much respect for the man that was always a pleasure to be around. The loss saddens me and I will continue to pray for his family. Josh, if there is any I can do or our company can do please let me know. Your dad was a good man, good friend and someone I truly respected. I am sorry for your loss.